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Give yourselves a chance to contact with nature and guess where are
we?Lance和小编都并未有去过南投参观,此番决定来玩个两日意气风发夜,加上小编和兰斯都专门非常赏识大自然,毕竟在城市里住久了,就更爱惜有与上述同类的空子能够呼吸大自然的气氛。Lanceand I didn’t have a trip in Nantou, so we decided to have a trip there
for two days. We are both nature lovers, and we usually live in big
city. It’s really rare to get the chance to hang out in such beautiful
place.365bet官网地址 1广阔的草皮,不用滤镜照片拍起来就相当美丽呢~还应该有宜人的岩羊剃毛前后对照图,只要手上有饲料就能被山羊追着跑喽!!!You
can easily take beautiful pictures of the endless grass. Also, you can
compare the sheep before they are sheared with they be sheared. Once
there’s grass on your hand, the sheep will chase you, it sounds
exciting!365bet官网地址 2要去走空中步行道路的相爱的人建议先上网先预定会比较保险,门票50元价位很合理,步行道路未有不长,凌晨去太阳相比没那么大,何况视界也很科学。I
suggest the travelers who want to go to the landscape trail should make
a reservation on the internet first. It is proper to pay 50 for the
ticket. The trail is not long but the view is pretty good. You can go
there on afternoon cuz it would not be so
hot.365bet官网地址 3365bet官网地址 4365bet官网地址 5小Switzerland庄园以往还恐怕有风车节的运动,用黄金时代体水青白的风车布署,以为很削数非常的阴凉呢~Cingjing
Windmill Festival was held in Swiss Garden, which decorated by blue
windmills. It would be pretty cool when you see this
a little bit hard to choose one European hostel in Cingjing. Thanks for
my friend recommend “Provence 罗丝 Lodge in Ching Jing B&B” for me, and
we choose the room for two people with the
view.365bet官网地址 6民宿标榜着法式餐厅以致上午茶,能够看见欧式建筑的石墙就像真的在国外雷同,柜台旁还也许有冬辰会利用到的火炉及滑雪用具。山上的天气非常的性情奇异多变,原来进门时天色还不易,但过没多久外面如故下起中雨。The
hotel said that travelers can enjoy the afternoon tea in a French
restaurant, and stone walls look likes you were in Europe. There are a
stove and some skiing tools next to the counter. The weather is really
unstable on the mountain. It was sunny when we checked in the room, but
it rains suddenly. Don’t forget to bring your
me show the room for you, it’s very spacious and clean. All the utensils
and facilities are
complete.365bet官网地址 7365bet官网地址 8房屋里也许有壁炉天气冷的时候能够利用,窗外的山色很舒性格很顽强在艰难险阻或巨大压力面前不屈唷,通晓于指标,还足以见见民宿另大器晚成栋的Villa建筑。You
can use the stove when you feel cold in the room. The view from the
balcony is beautiful, you can appreciate another European hostel when
you stand on the
balcony..365bet官网地址 9寄宿项目很富饶是有隐含早晨茶、早餐和晚饭,所以能够毫不挂念还要去外边找餐厅,餐点提供的还不易吃~~The
promotion including:afternoon tea, breakfast, and dinner. It’s really
tasty and convenience for you.
365bet官网地址 10电话:2803990地址:广西南投县仁爱乡咸宁村定远新村
24–1 号网址:. 24-1,
Ding-Yuan New Hamlet, Da-Tong Village, Ren-Ai Township, Nantou County,

rest one month for Cingjing Windmill 费斯特ival, you must grab the last
chance to take part in

I know that lots of people do not know the city - Gaziantep. Gaziantep
is in the southeast of Turkey and it is below Syria. Because I do not
want to go to Southeast Asian countries this time and I want to
experience central and Eastern Europe, Turkey has become my first

it.365bet官网地址 11小Switzerland花园

Garden - The windmills flickered gently in the breeze like small
breakers spring up. It would be pretty cool when you see this
scene.365bet官网地址 12海拔1750公尺的清境农场放在南投仁爱乡。这里的气象一年四季都很温暖,由此清境农场四季有例外的水果,疑似碧桃、梨子、青梅、奇异果等丰裕的千山万壑水果。The
Cingjing Veterans Farm is situated at the Jen-Ai Town of Nan-Tou County.
The Cingjing Veterans Farm is 1,750 meters above the sea. The weather is
generally mild all year round and the farm produces various fruits
including peaches, pears, plums, kiwi fruit, and high land
vegetables365bet官网地址 13刺拳头菜原的剃羊毛秀是最著名的,只须求后生可畏眨眼的一眨眼间,剃羊毛的干活就完了了!!当然,游客能够在这里边和山羊拍照也许来大器晚成支最消暑的牛奶冰棒,让具备游客暂时忘记全部的烦心。The
sheep shearing show on Green Green Grasslands is very famous. The
shepherd will shear a sheep’s wool within seconds, which always puts the
audience in awe. Also, tourists can take pictures with sheep and eat the
sheep milk ice cream. The Evergreen Grasslands can make tourists
temporarily forget busy
life.365bet官网地址 14现年的风车节至8月14日。在那个时候机见到各样分化型态的风车,园区内的景点犹如投身于瑞士联邦。犹豫什么吧?快和爱侣一块来商量美观的山东啊!!This
year's Cingjing Windmill Festival will be held until the 30th of
September. You will appreciate various forms of windmills, and the
landscapes in Cingjing Farm are pretty incredible, which make you feel
like you were in the Swiss Alps. Why don’t you visit the farm with your
friends and experience the beauty of
Taiwan!365bet官网地址 15为了维护自然风景,步行道路选拔高架设计,延伸至树林间,旅人可其他方面步行业作风度翩翩边赏识周遭与近来的风光。To
protect the natural landscapes here, the landscape trail which extended
through the forest was designed for over head. Travelers can enjoy the
sceneries around you.
365bet官网地址 16此外,这里存在六座风景平台,让行人可瞭望主题山脉及奇莱山。You
can overlook the central Range and Chilai Mountain on these six
platforms.365bet官网地址 17民宿设计以香杉木为主,为让游客能有更喜上眉梢的下榻条件,那样的细心令人舍不得离开。Tomake a comfortable environment for travelers, the room was made by
cedar. It always makes me reluctant to
leave.365bet官网地址 18在这里边能够无拘束地狼吞虎餐那份静谧,一时忘却全数忧虑。Enjoy
unrestrained quiet here and forget all the bad
annoyances.365bet官网地址 19不无房间都有独立的观光台,面临山势雄伟的百山群峰,叫人忘情。There’s
a viewing platform facing majestic mountains in each room.
365bet官网地址 20奢华住房所提供保养的有机纤维素早餐,储备好一天的生机与好心绪,继续我们的清境之旅。Get
ready to explore Cingjing with organic and nutritious breakfast prepared
by the
hotel.365bet官网地址 21景色式咖啡雅座,在相近美景环绕下,能够在这里处观云海、赏日出、看个别,让您有空的徜徉在群山的怀抱当中。Scenic
View coffee seats surrounded by the beautiful view. You can see the sea
of clouds, sunrise, and stars. It’s
awesome!365bet官网地址 22电话:049-2803781地址:南投县仁爱乡益阳村荣光巷23-1号网址:,
Rongguang Ln, Cingjing, Nantou, TaiwanWEB:

When I first told to my parents, I wanted to go to Turkey for a
volunteer project. Their first reaction was that NO! Turkey is very
dangerous! The life there is so hard! Let alone when they knew the
location of Gaziantep!

There was a time that I hesitated, I really wanted to seize this
opportunity that I had prepared for a long time, but I also had to know
the real situation. The best ways is to ask the person who have been
there before and I also looked through many material, then I made the
decision and convinced my parents. Finally, I began my volunteer trip in
July 2017.

For more than 20 hours at the airport, I was really really tired. The
weather in Gaziantep was sooo hot and dry, like the summer in Shanghai.
What's more, there were few air condition, both at home and the coffee
shop. (Here I wanted to thanks Onur and Deniz for picking me up at the

The first time I met other volunteers always made me excited and
nervous. Some people was really different from the photos, but, it does
not matter, all are friendly and nice. They are from Pakistan,
Indonesia, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Ukraine, Jordan... I am the only
one from China! After we got to know each other, they called me Panda,
hahahaha, I like it very much! Maybe because I come from China and also
have round face and eyes, just like panda.

365bet官网地址 23

All of us❤

I lived with my EP buddy, in Ela's home. She is a funny and pretty girl.
She always takes care of me, like my big sister, but actually she is
younger than me. And the host parents are also sweetie and cute, always
ask me that are you hungry, and I always said yes, hahahaha. The deepest
memory is that the parents love eath other very much. When we go out for
a walk, they walk away, holding hands and taking pictures with each
other. All is good memory and I will never forget all of them.

Gaziantep is a place that you should never foget. Almost everyone does
not know this place; I strongly recommend this city. 

Beautiful but unfriendly sunshine, traditional but special things, stone
buildings, green trees, lovely local people and people who always focus
on hand work...All of these, I want to save in my mind. There is a huge,
fantastic, special castle, which looks like a bid blockhouse. I walked
into the castle, I was amazed at the scenery. As you can see, the blue
sky, pretty sunshine, green trees, colorful house all combine with the
castle well. And the peaceful atmosphere is wonderful.

365bet官网地址 24

The castle

365bet官网地址 25

The traditional street

Here is Glaobal Village! I stayed at a big mall for a whole day and
showed my country-China to Turkish local people! Everyone would show
their country this day. By the way, I met another April this day! We
prepared all things together, and we were proud of it!

365bet官网地址 26

Volunteer from different country 

It was my first time to go to another city, the best thing was that we
would have a boat trip and I met another two Chinese friends, Silvia and
Alfred. When I got there, I saw a beautiful lake with several boats on

365bet官网地址 27

The boat

365bet官网地址 28

We all had fun

365bet官网地址 29

Sooo nice

365bet官网地址 30

The food

I was excited to see the sunrise, but it was not easy to achieve.

We went to NEMRUT by bus at 10:00 p.m. 12, August, and arrived at 5:00
a.m. 1, August. It was still dark and we also needed to climb a steep
hill( because it was dark, I have no pictures). When we reached the
destination, the sun began to rise.

365bet官网地址 31

The sun was rising

The view was really really good, I have been taking photos all the time.

365bet官网地址 32

On the mountain

365bet官网地址 33

Me and Padma❤

It was well worth visiting.

This day I took a friend’s car beginning my Tisan trip. It almost took
me seven hours and the road is rough.

It was said that Tisan is a niche place, having sunshine, blue sky,
coconut trees and golden beach. Actually, I did not expect much of it,
but it fits all my imagination about the sea after I saw it with my own
eyes. And I found that there are very few tourists here, most of them
are nearby residents, and some tourists rent houses to take a vacation
as us.

It was really a good place to have several days relax. If you like
sunshine, you can go to the beach in the morning or afternoon; if you do
not like the hot weather, you can lie on the beach at 6 or 7 pm. You can
enjoy the different beauty of Tisan.

365bet官网地址 34

The beach

Oh, if you are confused, why do volunteers go traveling everyday?
Actually, my volunteer work is going traveling and taking photos,
writing articles and promote this city- Gaziantep❤

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